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=Combining Music & Photography=

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 12, 2011, 7:15 PM
W E L C O M E . T O . M Y . J O U R N A L

Hi all, I did a similar journal a little over a year ago on this particular subject. I guess I liked it so much I'm gonna do another one.. so, here's the guidelines:

Go and start this video: Hyperstory - A Happening

Then scroll through the lyrics below as the song progress..
Enjoy the show and thank you for reading.

(If you'd be so kind, I'd like some feedback from you on this approach to music and art when you're done)

What you can see by quicksilverqMaybe the way that today looks the same
Winter by PabloMoranJrhappy and grey I can taste yesterday
the reader. by M0THartmy mind goes
you and real by KalbiCamdanand goes where it goes

waiting around got my fear out of sight
No 10 by Styushwhat piece of mind in this bitter-sweet fight
lesui by sakiryildirimcan be known
keep quiet2 by LonelyPierotwhat can be known

:thumb176262829:but something is happening
Little Black II by sextiescan't say that I'm knowing
friendly house by Styushbut something is happening here
Waking up by jup3nepsomething is happening
catwalk by EbruSidardon't know where it's going
Let it Go by ADOURfor now I'll be down over here

12314 by tugbaakdagI can't restrain what these thoughts entertain
grasp of the emptiness by NuSuntlaughing their way through the dark in my brain
return by NerySouland it goes
zem3 by yd84goes how it goes

I've got a lot to say by PabloMoranJrbut something is happening
Le reve by Feebrilecan't say that I'm knowing
keeps falling apart by sandflower1989but something is happening here
secret by MistoAcrilicosomething is happening
:thumb179333834:don't know where it's going
2 by Fatale-Trinityfor now I'll be down over here

Paralysed ...... by MultiCuriousdown over here


1 week by Styushsomething is happening
Rainbow family member 10 by BenoitPaillecan't say that I'm knowing
escape by latodaybut something is happening here
su1 by cllozdemirsomething is happening
not from here by ankazhuravlevadon't know where it's going
reflection by The96thfor now I'll be down over here

the torso - the pain by sandflower1989something is happening
Eternal by ENZZOKcan't say that I'm knowing
a routine in disappearing by PabloMoranJrbut something is happening here
Time in fallacy by sakiryildirimsomething is happening
:thumb168930557:don't know where it's going
Absolute regime I by quaerionfor now I'll be down over here

(keep going)

go on by gnato
0017 by glisiarmay
pouf by BenoitPaille
.............. by Mastowka
attack by odpium
hide-and-seek by barracuda68
XXI century drug. by Lukreszja
horns by psychiatrique
Curious by StacyD
girl and the cat by aveledeizi
Undisclosed Desires by hakanphotography
A phenomenological approach by BenoitPaille
No 2 by Styush
down upside by Kaosgudinden
We Had Everything by DeBally
Sitting Portraits 03 by enkopte

(now take some one-on-one alone time with the featured deviations, I'm sure they'll appreciate it)


  • Mood: Eager
  • Listening to: Hyperstory - A Happening
  • Reading: about early french cinema
  • Watching: La Blogotheque
  • Eating: More
  • Drinking: Still tea
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